Cloud-Based IT Assets

Our customers achieve superior cost savings by hosting their important IT services with providers such as AWS, Flywheel, and Rackspace.

Examples of such services include:

  • Web Servers (public and restricted access)
  • Databases and data processing
  • Project development environments
  • Document libraries and archives
  • Issue ticket tracking systems
  • Email and Mailing list services
  • Online communities (forums, blogs, CMS, etc)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

All of these online IT assets are hosted remotely, at optimal “cloud” cut-rate prices. Business owners can rest easy knowing their important online services are secure and maintained by the host’s own experts.

Site Management

A company needs experienced system administrators to properly maintain their online assets. This responsibility includes installing security patches, component upgrades, as well as routine duties such as access management.

A company’s IT resource needs and requirements often evolve, making necessary the occasional scaling up or down of their server network, or researching and installing new capabilities.

AWN provides consulting support for your research, designing, provisioning, and monitoring needs, with the goal to help you maintain and protect your critical IT systems.

Examples of assistance we provide:

  • Migrating or upgrading assets from old to new environments
  • Component installation and integration for new capabilities
  • Troubleshooting site-overload problems and researching vulnerabilities
  • Planning and monitoring for “disaster recovery” readiness
  • Architectural guidance and design support
  • Network rearchitecting and security maintenance
  • Encryption and key-management needs for data and media content
  • Database optimizing and recover and restore incident handling
  • Tracking resource utilization and cost reduction opportunities
  • Upgrading websites to use secure https protocols (SSL)
  • Setting up CDN (content delivery network) support
  • Performance tuning and capacity scaling
  • Improving fault tolerance handling
  • PCI compliance assistance

The crucial requirement of every business owner is to always hold 100% ownership control over their IT assets, with confidence in its survivability and access. Ideally, all important practices should be kept in place and documented, conventionalized, and available to support smooth turnover for staffing changes.